Robotics: a very short introduction

Robotics: A Very Short Introduction
Published by Oxford University Press

Additional materials, especially robot images, links and videos:

Chapter 1 What is a robot?

e-puck educational mobile robot
  The e-puck online resource:
  YouTube videos of swarming e-pucks:
    4 e-puck robots programmed to follow each other
    10 e-puck robots swarming toward a beacon

Replica of Grey Walter’s 
robot tortoise
Grey Walter robot tortoise: Machina Speculatrix
  The Grey Walter online archive with
  Images of Walter's famous experiments
  BBC newsreel (~1949) of Walter demonstrating Elsie and Elmer
  Images of replicas of the Grey Walter robot tortoise
  Exploration and High Adventure: the legacy of Grey Walter, a paper by Owen Holland (2003)

Chapter 2 What robots do now

Fig 7. LEGO Mindstorms NXT 
‘central nervous system’
Lego NXT Nervous System

Chapter 3 Biological robots


  Wikipedia article describing Shakey


  Slugbot web pages: towards true robot autonomy

Closeup of Slugbot gripper
Slugbot gripper slug catcher

EcoBot II
EcoBot II
  EcoBot II Web pages

Fig 9. EcoBot III: a robot with 
an artificial digestive system
Ecobot III
  EcoBot project overview web pages
  EcoBot III Web pages

Fig 9 (inset). Microbial Fuel Cell

EcoBot III Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)

Fig 10. Scratchbot, 
a robot with artificial whiskers
  Scratchbot Web pages
  YouTube video of Scratchbot
  BIOTACT Project web pages

Chapter 4 Humanoid and android robots

Fig 11. BERT II torso 
fitted with the BRL digital head
  Cooperative Human Robot Interaction Systems project website

Fig 12. Kismet, 
an expressive robot head 
for research in social 
human–robot interaction
  Kismet project web pages

Fig 13. Jules, 
an expressive 
android robot head
Jules, pleased to see you
  Hanson Robotics
  Jules says goodbye - YouTube video

Jules, laughing

Jules, alarmed

Jules: upset

Jules, disgusted

Fig 15. Paro, a robot baby seal

Fig 16. Cronos, an anthropomimetic 
humanoid robot
  YouTube ECCEROBOT video
  ECCEROBOT project website

Chapter 5 Robot swarms, evolution and symbiosis

Kiva systems robots
Kiva systems warehouse robots

Swarm-bot pulling a child
Swarmbot project
  project web site
  Swarm-bot child pulling video

Fig 17 (left). Swarmanoid -
three Foot-bots and a Hand-bot
Swarmanoid footbots and handbot
  project web site
  Swarmanoid video – fetching book off bookshelf:

Fig 17 (right). Swarmanoid - 
the Eye-bot
Swarmanoid eyebot

Fig 18. The four-stage process 
of evolutionary robotics

Evolutionary Robotics

Fig 19 (top).
In the Golem project,
a robot is evolved in simulation
GOLEM Project
  project web site

Fig 19 (bottom).
In the Golem project, the final
best evolved individual is fabricated

Fig 20. Alice robot (A) and its 
artificial neural network controller (B)
Alice robot

Fig 21 (top). Visualization of 
a Symbrion organism

  project web pages

Fig 21 (bottom). Symbrion 
Backbone and Active wheel 
robots in the process of 
autonomous self-assembly

Fig 22. Simulated Nao 
humanoid robots playing 
3-a-side football in the 
simulator Webots
Webots robot simulator

Chapter 6 Robotic futures

Bin48 being interviewed
by Amy Harmon
  New York Times interview:

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  1. This is a fine book! I am an amateur robot builder, but this book has really changed how I think about many aspects of robotics. Thank you so much!