Interview for BBC HARDtalk (first broadcast 31 Oct 2017 on BBC World News)

The Life Scientific (BBC Radio - first broadcast 21 February 2017)

Podcast on BBC iPlayer.

The Thinking Robot (Google, London, January 2016).

Making an Ethical Machine (World Economic Forum, Davos, January 2016) This short (Pecha Kucha) talk explains our work on making simple ethical robots. Blog post here.

Estimating the energy cost of Evolution (ALife 2014, New York) 30 second video explanation of my paper of the same name. Full blog post here.

Ethical Robots (Brighton, 2013) Keynote talk for the EUCog meeting on Social and Ethical Aspects of Cognitive Systems. An outline, with slides, can be found in this blog post.

The Thinking Robot (Edinburgh, 2012). An extended interview for the Awareness project, talking about Learning (03:09), Self-Awareness (09:38), Intelligence (16:38), Motivation (25:10), Machine Consciousness (27:28) and major challenges in robotics (28:55). I finish with what I think are the four most promising new directions in intelligent robotics research (33.30). Interviewed by Ingi Helgason, and filmed by Callum Egan.

Dances with Robots (Bristol, 2011). My Ignite Bristol talk on the Artificial Culture project.

Should we fear AI? (Imperial College, London 2011) A debate with Kevin Warwick (06:15), Owen Holland (12:20), Illah Nourbakhsh (19:18) and me (27:10), at a meeting of the Imperial College Robotics Society.

Robot Ethics (Bristol, 2011) Here I discussed robot ethics with Dallas Campbell for BBC1's Bang Goes The Theory. I outline the five new ethical principles for roboticists proposed by the EPSRC/AHRC working group. Click here for the working group's full report, including a commentary on these draft proposals.

In Search of Robot Culture (2009). A short video by Roger Stotesbury of JumpOffTheScreen at the start of the Artificial Culture project. Dances with Robots (2011), above, presents some of the results.

Robots with a Mind of their own (2008). ITN Interview on the Symbrion project (2.2M views to date).

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